India, Japan & US key to Indo-Pacific stability

The chairman of the Nippon Foundation, Yohei Sasakawa, believes for increased stability and peace in the Indo-Pacific region India, Japan, and US cooperation will be a key element. This comes as China growing presence in the South China Sea becomes more prevalent.

India, Japan, USA, and Australia are a quartet working to strengthen ties and coordinate their activities in the Indo-Pacific which stretches from the east coast of Africa to the east coast of Japan. China’s One Belt One Road project, as well as growing influence in the South China Sea, has caused new tension in the region which has prompted the reestablishment of the quad in 2017.

Sasakawa believes that it may be already too late to contain a rising China as they are building massive projects in around the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and on African coasts. The Chinese Overseas Development Aid (ODA) is seen by many critics as loans used to trap countries into debt.

Sikkim’s lone Lok Sabha MP P.D. Rai has referred to the relationship between India and Japan has been described as the bedrock of stability which could maintain stability in South Asia and East Asia in the years to come.

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