India plans to have 15% electric vehicles by the 2023

India is set out to lower fuel emissions, the country has set  a target of having 15% of the country’s  cars being electric vehicles as soon as 2023.

India is to be recognized as one of the countries pushing for the reduction in carbon emissions with the promotion of electric vehicles and renewable sources of energy.

India is taking an aggressive approach due to its growing pollution problem. The Indian economy has been growing +6% annually for the past 5 years and with the growth comes mores waste, pollution and a higher dependency on fossil fuels.

India is also competing with China which is racing toward green energy and electric vehicles (EVs) with new policies, subsidies, incentive as well as opening its EV market up to foreign manufactures.

India has already stated that by the year 2030 it would like to see at least 30% of vehicle being electric the only thing missing is concrete plan as how it will accomplish this.

The sale of electric vehicles is projected to increase as China, India and Europe which are 3 of top 5 biggest economies in world have made lowering emissions a key part of their policies and long term planning.


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