India’ prime minister pledges free healthcare for half a billion people

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India’s Prime Minster, Narendra Modi has promised to bring about the biggest healthcare program in world. The planned healthcare program will see almost 500 million of India’s poorest citizens be given free healthcare before the national elections next year.

The planned healthcare system called “Modicare” was launched during the weekend and is already a part of the Indian federal government’s budget released earlier this year. It is expected that the planned program will first target 100 million of India’s poorest a vulnerable and be rolled out to further until it reaches 500 million people.

Modicare will deliver free hospital treatment costing up to 500, 000 Rupee ($7,800) per year. “There is no Healthcare program in the world that match Modicare size and scale” says CNN. Prime Minister Modi has also tweeted that Modicare shows the government’s seriousness and commitment to creating a healthy India.

Many have criticized the government for making this announcement so close to India’s nation elections and have also questioned Modi’s administration ability to deliver on this program. The Issue of financing this program is also a problem with only 200 Billion Rupees committed so far which is not enough for successful deployment.

The full estimate cost of the program is $780 billion, but if successful could provide several benefits to India’s citizens and the economy. Make Access to healthcare, increasing the number of public hospitals and funding and staffing India’s health system are just some of the problem Modicare is aiming to solve.





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