India’s dating app for the disabled

In India, people with disabilities are often invisible in daily life, despite numbering in the tens of millions. In light of this, two budding entrepreneurs, Shankar Srinivasan and his college friend Kalyani Khona, have come up with an Inclov, an app that affords people with disabilities more opportunities to socialise.

The idea for Inclov was born after Shankar and Kalyani decided they wanted to “do something in the matchmaking space”. They realised that no one was considering people with disabilities. They began by establishing an “offline” agency called Wanted Umbrella.

 It evolved into a static site and then into a mobile app. “With almost 80 million people with disabilities just in India, we knew the only way to upscale was through tech,” says Shankar.

But with no technical expertise or finances, the two men raised money through a crowdfunding campaign and were able to raise 615 000 rupees (R120 000) to hire an app developer.

Full Article in BRICS Journal Issue 6 (print edition)

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