India’s SpiceJet successfully fly’s biofuel plane


India’s low-cost airline SpiceJet has succeeded in flying the countries first-ever Biojet-fueled plane. The plane used to accomplish this feat was a Bombardier 78-seater Q400 which flew from Dehrandun to the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The plane which uses 75% air turbine fuel (ATF) and 25% Biojet fuel, is in line with the International Air Transport association’s (IATA) mission of having one billion passengers fly in airplanes which are mixed fueled by 2025; from fossil fuels to either biofuels,  or electric powered.

It is calculated by the IATA that there was over 4 billion people who flew just last year; now they are aiming for at least 20% of global passengers to be affected in process of reducing carbon fuel emissions and lengthen fuel efficiency.

SpiceJet’s Biojet fueled low cost flights is a step in the fight for significant reduction of carbon emissions. It has the ability to not only reduce flight fares, but also reduce the dependence on fossil fueled planes.


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