India’s water crisis

India faces a severe water shortage this summer, with the basins at a lower level than a year ago. The temperature is also expected to rise.

Apart from being the world’s second most populated country, India has the fast-growing middle class that places an increase on the demands for clean and safe water.

Droughts have worsened agricultural activities in Maharashtra and Northern Karnataka, which are the two worst hit regions.

In 2015, World Economic Forum conducted studies, indentifying the water crisis as the most serious problem the world faces in the next decade.


According to Asian Development Bank’s forecast, India may end up with 50% water deficiency by 2030.
Recently, WaterAid put together a report that indicated that India is among the countries worst affected by unclean and unsafe water.

About 76 million of India’s population lives outside the possibility of safe water supply. The report also says that the situation could worsen until proper measures are taken up.

Civil society, political and business leaders said the issue of water security is the most severe and problematic socio politico economic challenge faced today.

Image: Daily EcoPol Project

The Indian government will need to take a long-term commitment to find ways of survival with heavy assistance of outside resources.


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