Internet and the need to communicate have to become South African human rights

Internet access and the need to communicate have to become  South African human rights, says Media monitoring Africa.

Media monitoring Africa is a non-profit organisation advocating for South Africa’s access to the internet. The organisation is calling for the SA government to amend laws to reflect the internet access to be of much importance.  

The executive director of Media monitoring Africa, William Bird stood before the Competition Commission Data Services Market Inquiry,  yesterday. Bird said that if South Africa fails to make it a right it will be taking the country back to the Apartheid era.

The director of the organisation views internet access as a basic need for each South African. The country’s citizens are not support to stress about paying for internet access.

He highlighted how average South Africans find data expensive, internet can be afforded by the wealthy, he said.

“This is because the poor pay higher costs because they cannot afford to pay for data in bulk whereas those who were better off could do so in terms  of data contracts or fixed ADSL and fibre lines, he said,”reported by business tech.


Source: Business Tech

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