Italy hosts a BRICS areas of cooperation debate

South African Embassy in Italy, SIOI and EURISPES, with support of the Italian Network for the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue and of the Network of Anna Lindh Foundation in Italy organised a BRICS debate. Held at the SIOI in Rome, diplomats and experts met an discussed the outcomes of the 10th BRICS Summit that was hosted by the Republic of South Africa  in July.

Ambassador Shirish M. Soni, representing SA spoke of the newly established BRICS areas of cooperation and development which are soon to have an impact internationally. China ambassador to Italy, Ruiyu Li informed the attendees of the BRICS’ impact on economic and financial governance. Brazil Ambassador, Antonio De Aguiar Patriota enlightened of the multilateralism and the proposed BRICS reform of global governance architecture.

Vice-Director of the Russian policy planning Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs, Pavel Knyazev highlighted BRICS contribution to peace and security. India’s Ambassador, Gloria Gangte spoke of BRICS people-people cooperation.

The debate concluded with  Head of the Anna Lindh Network in Italy presenting research results compiled by Eurispes Research Laboratory on BRICS, launching the proposal of setting up a permanent forum Italy-BRICS, an innovative policy-orientated research instrument in cooperation with BRICS Euro-Mediterranean cooperation, reports ANSA.


Source: ANSA

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