Jordan’s New Prime Minister

Jordanian King Abdullah II, appoints Omar al-Razzaz as the new Prime Minister of Jordan. This comes just days after former Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki resigned. After angry protesters demanded his resignation after price increases and new incoming tax reform bill.

King Abdullah has tasked Omar al-Razzaz to form a new government and also review the tax system, stating the new suggested tax law should be further debated by civil society and unions. Al-Razzaz, who previously worked at the World Bank as an economist has also served as the Jordanian Education Minister. The king also noted on the Royal Twitter account that the increased regional tension and drop in international aid has resulted in the current crisis.

Lack of access to traditional markets and high cost of border security is making Jordan fall short on the national budget and created economic difficulties for the Middle East country. The tax bill would have increased the burden on Jordan’s middle class and poor specifically. Protestors are still calling for more transparency and an overall in government policies.


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