Made in China 2025

Made in China is the strategic plan announced in May 2015 by the Chinese government with the purpose of advancing Chinese technology companies and manufacturing. The idea behind Made in China is to better compete with developed nations. China’s goal is to limit the importing of high value technology products and to be a market leader by the year 2025.

For the US and European countries, “Made in China 2025” poses as a threat to its technology companies intellectual property (IP) as the main reason for the US-China trade war. The Chinese government has stated that Made in China 2025 is in line with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) practices, rules and guidelines and that the plan is open for other countries to contribute to.

The US and European governments and organisations on the other hand, have long accused China of unfair trade practices like IP theft, creating laws that require foreign companies to transfer technology and protecting their domestic market from foreign companies.

Made in China 2025 is the next leap in intelligent manufacturing modeled after the Germany’s Industry 4.0 plan, but more far reaching, China has targeted 10 industries to raise its profile in terms of core components and materials. China has assigned the first 10 years of their plan in 2015-2025; the second phase will be from 2025-2035 and the third phase is 2035-2045.

The 10 industries China is looking to improve or build from scratch are:

  • Information technology in artificial intelligence and quantum computing
  • automation in robotics and mechanical tools
  • aerospace and aeronautics equipment
  • high tech shipping and maritime equipment
  • modernisation of its railway system
  • enhancing automated vehicles and electric vehicles
  • power equipment
  • agricultural equipment
  • new materials
  • advancing Chinese pharmaceuticals and medicine


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