May and Ramaphosa tighten partnership

During her first premiership visit to South Africa this week, Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May met with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to discuss plans to strengthen the relationship between the two nations.

This visit kicked off her three-African-country tour. Her next stops are Nigeria and Kenya.

The United Kingdom has been one of the largest global trade partners to South Africa; a 2017 reports shows the UK as the 6th largest partner with a total trade at R79.5 billion. In terms of export, Britain in 2017 was number 8 with R46.3 billion worth of SA goods. Over the years, the UK has been a key tourism source for South Africa, with an estimated 448 000 visitors recorded to have visited South Africa last year. Ramaphosa and May used the state visit to renew their commitment to each other and tighten the partnership between the two countries.

The conversation between the two heads of states also involved identifying key areas of investment that will help boost economic growth and development. Ramaphosa after talks with the UK leader stated: “We have noted with great satisfaction the strong relationship between South Africa and the United Kingdom in wide-ranging areas of co-operation including energy, science and technology, education, health, arts and culture.” The key sectors identified included manufacturing, agro-processing, infrastructure development, mining, energy and tourism.

(Additional Reporting: African News Agency)

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