South Africa’s new Visa requirements

South Africa now has new VISA rules. The country’s cabinet took a decision to untighten visa requirements and cancel the contravention travel requirement for children which required travelling children to be accompanied by one natural parent and that they have a birth certificate stating names of both parents. The cabinet took the decision in attempt to attract investors and tourists.

The loosening of travel requirements is one of the measures taken by South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa as he deepens efforts to revive economic growth.

South Africa attended into its second recession since 2009, in the second quarter.

The Africa’s most industrialised economy new travel requirements target particularly Indian and Chinese travellers. India and China are the fastest growing tourism markets.

According to statistics South Africa, the number of visitors from outside the African continent has declined 1.5% year on year in the seven months of the year.

According to Business Tech, the South African government will loosen work-permit requirements for scarce skills and simplify the process for business and leisure travellers to obtain short-term entry documents.

Unnamed sources told Business Tech that multiple-entry visas and electronic-visa applications will be introduced.


Source: Business Tech

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