Morocco hopeful for a boost in tourism from Chinese and Russian visitors

Security issues posed a majority threat to Morocco’s key tourism sector last year, resulting in very little growth in the sector. AFP reports that authorities haven’t given up, and are hopeful that visitors from China and Russia will up the numbers in the coming years.

According to the Moroccan Tourism Observatory, the country registered 10 million visitors in 2016 – a ‘barely perceptible rise of 1.5% from 2015’, it said.

A manager of a local guesthouse said: “Last year was better than 2015. And the first two months of 2017 augured an even better year.”

Currently, the Russians and Chinese account for 1% of total visitors to Morocco, but authorities are positive that this will soon change.

Reports show that the French make up almost a third of tourists to Morocco. “Europeans still top the list, but the number of Chinese visitors is growing,” Hanane said. “Since visas for the Chinese were abolished in June, a door has been opened.”


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