Mumbai hires retired citizens as interns

A virtual marketplace company called Truebil, that trades used cars in major Indian cities is now hiring retired senior citizens as interns to work on short-term stints for the firm. The firm has draw inspiration from ‘The Intern’ movie, where Robert De Niro played the character of Ben Whittaker – a 70-year-old intern working for a start-up firm.

The firm aims to provide a second inning to retired citizens and to mentor the 200-odd employees at Truebil, where the average age is around 28 years.

Co-founder and marketing head of Truebil, Shubh Bansal, believes the exercise would help employees get a sense of how organisations used to operate in the pre-internet era.

“We have already received around 20 applications for internship from senior citizens. The interns will be hired for three months at a stipend of Rs 15,000 per month, plus lunch and travel cost.

“They will have the flexibility of coming in either every day or a minimum of thrice a week. The senior interns are not expected to work like regular interns. It would be a learning experience for both the interns and the people working at Truebil,” said Bansal.

The initiative is currently underway, it would involve hiring of about eight interns who are over the age of 60, with work experience in mid – to senior-management levels. It will begin with Truebil’s Mumbai office and eventually roll out in Bengaluru and Delhi as well. One senior intern will get to work exclusively with the CEO, while the others will be deployed across departments

Bansal said as a start-up company they want to open system where there are no cubicles. He also adds that the initiative will help employees to understand how the corporate world evolved.


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