Narendra Modi optimistic about China-India relations

Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister says that there have not been any disputes between India and China for the past four decades, showing that both countries are capable of peace and resolving differences with order.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Modi spoke about the past year’s border dispute between China and India in Doklam, during which armed forces of both countries were locked in two months of deadlock. The troops were at one point physical, kicked, punched and threw stones at each other.

The dispute caused by opposing perceptions about the Line of Actual Control, was resolved peacefully though communication and diplomatic channels, he said.

The boarders have maintained peace and tranquility for decades, with “not a single bullet fired across the India-China boarder,” said Modi.

The Prime Minister also spoke about his informal summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping in April. He referred to the meeting as “a new initiative”. “It allowed us to talk to each other in a frank manner and to understand each other much better,” he said.

Modi seemed confident about the cooperation between the two countries, concerning issues such as China’s support for Pakistan and it’s growing influence in South Asia.


Source: GB Times

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