NASA ready to launch Parker Solar Probe

NASA, the USA nation space agency will be launching a solar probe on Saturday. The Parker Solar Probe costing about $1.5 Billion, will be the first probe to fly though the Corona of the Sun, which is closer than any probe has been sent before it.

Lifting off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, the probe will make its way to the Sun. NASA has that stated the journey from Earth to the Sun is more difficult than a journey from Earth to Mars, even though the Sun is closer to Earth than Mars is. That’s why the probe will be launched using the Delta Four Heavy, NASA’s heavy-duty booster rocket. This is the only rocket capable of reaching the velocity needed to reach the Sun.

Once in space, the probe will be moving at a speed of 692, 017.92 Km/h and is will become the fastest human-made object ever sent into space. The probe is said to fly in to the Sun’s Corona (Atmosphere) so close to the sun it will almost kiss the surface. Protected by the probe’s sun shields, temperatures in the corona are expected to be well above 1371.1 degrees celsius.

Questions NASA hopes the probe will uncover are: Why is the Corona hotter than the surface of Sun, why is there a solar wind, why can the Sun’s atmosphere or Corona becomse so energised that it can move away from the Sun at supersonic speeds and cover all the planets.


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