South Africa’s National Assembly expected to host the launch of the BRICS parliamentary forum

South Africa’s national assembly is expected to host the launch BRICS parliamentary forum. The forum is aimed at expanding the Bloc’s relations to a parliamentary level.  The parliamentary relations are to address issues of common interest involving the five countries.

The parliamentarian’s forum (BRICS PF) will officially be established by March 2019. This is an initiative which was established by South Africa National Assembly Speaker, Baleka Mbete. Mbete was given a go ahead at the BRICS meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

 Mbete is also at the moment chairing an informal BRICS parliamentary forum in Geneva, where the draft protocol on creating the BRICS PF is being discussed. South Africa is adamant that the BRICS PF is important for the formalizing of their cooperation and collaboration.

The main goal of BRICS PF is to increase inclusion and allow for a more just and better world. Also to advance the better quality of life for the citizens of BRICS by reducing poverty and inequality. There is still a lot of translation of ideals so that the PF can work closer together on common interest.



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