The year 2018 was the third full year of the NDB’s operation and it was marked by the approval of USD 4.8 billion in loans — a 167 % increase over that of 2017, which brings the Bank’s total lending volume since its establishment in 2015 to approximately USD 8 billion. Till date, the NDB has approved 30 infrastructure and sustainable development projects. In 2018 alone, the Bank has approved 17 projects. This is a clear demonstration of the NDB’s strong commitment to its mandate of supporting infrastructure and sustainable development of its member countries.

In 2018, the NDB has continued to focus its efforts on the most pressing needs of infrastructure development in its member countries, covering the sectors of transport, energy, urban, environment, and water. The Bank’s 2018 lending portfolio is well balanced across the five sectors, with eight projects in transport sector, three projects in energy sector, two projects in environment sector, three projects in urban sector and one project in water sector.

The Bank’s infrastructure and sustainable development operations also highlight value addition apart from providing financing. For example, the NDB provided an international expertise pool of offshore wind power to advise technical solutions and to share successful country lessons to the Guangdong Offshore Wind Power Project.

The NDB also supported member country’s efforts aimed at the preservation of cultural heritage assets. Through the Small Historic Cities Development Project, the Bank supported infrastructure development in nine competitively selected Russian small historic cities with a focus on the preservation and development of cultural heritage.

Through the Mumbai Metro Project, the NDB is helping the second most densely populated city in the world to tackle the most pressing challenges of traffic congestions and pollutions in the transport sector and to sustain Mumbai’s economic and social development momentum.


Projects approved by the NDB Board of Directors in 2017:

Development of Water Supply and Sanitation Systems Project (Russia) USD 320 million
Small Historic Cities Development Project (Russia) USD 220 million
Durban Container Terminal Berth Reconstruction Project (South Africa) USD 200 million
Pará Sustainable Municipalities Project (Brazil) USD 50 million
Maranhão Road Corridor – South North Integration (Brazil) USD 71 million
Chongqing Small Cities Sustainable Development Project (China) USD 300 million
Bihar Rural Roads Project (India) USD 350 million
Luoyang Metro Project (China) USD 300 million
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction and Energy Sector Development Project

(South Africa)

USD 300 million
Environmental Protection Project (Brazil) USD 200 million
Madhya Pradesh Bridges Project (India) USD 175 million
Madhya Pradesh Major District Roads II Project (India) USD 350 million
Sustainable Infrastructure in relation to “ZapSibNefteKhim” Project (Russia) USD 300 million
Guangdong Yudean Yangjiang Shapa Offshore Wind Power Project (China) RMB 2 billion
Hohhot New Airport Project (China) RMB 4.2 billion
Jiangxi Natural Gas Transmission System Development Project (China) USD 400 million
Mumbai Metro Rail Project (India) USD 260 million




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