New immigration laws in South Africa

South Africa is currently drafting a new bill on international migration. The bill is set to be discussed in March 2019 and is to be put into practise by April 2019. The SA Department of Home Affairs is looking to add new restrictions and tightening visa laws in order to prevent illegal migration.

Critics to the new laws site that it may hurt business foreign direct investment and skilled people from entering and working in South Africa. Business leaders have also voiced their concern and are planning to taking up with the government, reported by

Migration has a strong track record in regards to having a positive effect on an economy; by bring new skills, new ideas and bringing new types of entrepreneurs to the country. However, migration also has a negative effect on local labour by increasing competition for employment as well as keeping salaries and wages from growing.

The Department of Home Affairs is also introducing new long term visa for South Africans travelling to Kenya and Kenyans travelling to South Africa starting from the 1 December, as per South Africa is next year is also planning on moving to the e-visa system ,with hopes to alleviate some of the problems the new visa restriction may cause.


By Mokgethi Mtezuka

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