New US sanction on Russia to take hold on 27 August

More sanctions from the US will be placed on Russia, coming in to effect on the 27 August. The new batch of sanctions comes in the wake of the Skripal poisoning and Russia alleged involvement.

The Skripal poisoning which took place in March in the United Kingdom, saw former Russian Spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter almost being killed by an illegal chemical weapon.

Russian intelligence agencies are being accused of orchestrating the attempted murder of the Skripals who now reside in the UK. Russian authorities have maintained that there is zero evidence linking Russia or Russian agents to the poisoning.

The sanctions which were originally set to be active on 22 August were pushed out to the 27th , due to the notification for publishing elapsing.

The US State Department has said that sanctioning is indeed due to Russia for using chemical or biological weapons and violating international law.

The Russian foreign ministry is also planning it’s own retaliatory sanctions, creating a blacklist of US businesses and individuals. 


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