[OPINION] Russia-China foreign cooperation are expanding

The Russia-China relationship is getting stronger with each year, these two countries have advanced cooperation not only in trade but also in understanding – they have become interdependent and have aligned the agendas influence and policies.

Russia and China getting closer are in the ever-growing BRICS bloc and the New Development Bank, which allows them to build soft power and influence with developing nations. The economic ties are also strengthened through entities like the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).

The trade and economic tension created by the US with tariffs on China and sanctions Russia only seems to be driving these to powers closer together. Similar to how the US and EU work together Russia and China have started modeling their relationship the same way.  When it comes to foreign policy China and Russia see eye to eye on a number of issues.

They both support embattle Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro with China provide and humanitarian aid and Russia now giving military support as well as both countries have called foreign entities to stay out of Venezuela. The same unified strategy was employed in Syria in assisting the Bashar al-Assad in staying in power.

China and Russia do have still have barriers slowing them down and preventing them from doing more, that being trust issues and a trade deficit which puts Russia at a disadvantage. Those barriers still don’t prevent China and Russia vote with each other in the United Nations Security Council, they’ve even in recent days given similar stands for transitioning governments in Sudan and Kazakhstan.

Some have painted the Russia-China relationship as one of necessity, one of the rivals who are not friends but as they enhance their collaborations on a number of issues on different continents they start to look more like friends working to advance each other’s collective interest rather than the individual.


By Mokgethi Mtezuka


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