Opinion| South Africa’s Role in the African Union

South Africa role in global leadership structures has seen higher levels of interest after hosting successful summit in July – which further advances it’s standing in BRICS. The country has held numerous summits, conferences and meetings in need of investments.   

SA has also moved to consolidate cooperation with the European Union.

South Africa’s role in Africa should not be underestimated. Africa is a rising power and there are many challenges the continent faces however,  at this moment Africa is slowly starting shift itself into a key global player.

With the African free trade agreement signed an awaiting implementation; this is a key moment for South Africa to once again take leadership as to the direction and growth of Africa. A CNN’s poll as to which African countries will lead the continent in the next few years saw South Africa come in third to Nigeria and Kenya.

South Africa will need to step its role in Africa and in the African Union, not just on economic standpoint but a political one as well.  South Africa should continue to amplify Africa’s voice globally. The G20 Summit held in Germany saw the leaders of the world’s biggest economies acknowledge that any cooperation with the continent must be on the basis of “African ownership” and “equal partnership”.



By Mokgethi Mtezuka

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