Preliminary investigations on the undersea cable connecting South Africa, Asia and America begin

South Atlantic Express (SAEx) signed an agreement with Alcatel Submarine Networks in conducting preliminary investigations on the new 25,00km submarine network cable linking Asia, South Africa and America.

The submarine network cable is said to, according to provide capacity and redundancy for bandwidth-hungry markets around the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

SAEx says that the cable system will have a capacity of approximately 108Tbps and will comprise of two phases. Phase one will be the connection of South Africa, Brazil and the United States, the second phase will be connecting South Africa to India and Singapore.

The cable system will start working in the first quarter of 2021 and will provide an increase in connectivity to Africa, says SAEx.

SAEx managing director, Rosalind Thomas says that the company “provide efficiency in Asian and Africa connectivity by adding direct low-latency route that is able to address the growing capacity requirement for data centre interconnect globally.”

“It will further evolve South Africa’s positioning as a global hub, providing a direct link between America and Asia, simplifying and enhancing communications between the five most populous countries in the world,” she added.




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