Putin praises Russia-China relations

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Yang Jiechi a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee Political Bureau, had meeting last Thursday at the Valdai International Discussion Club. The Russian President after the meeting express his excitement with how the China-Russia relations are advancing and developing.

Vladimir Putin said that Russia is working to accomplish agreements made between him Chinese President Xi Jinping, at the Eastern Economic Forum.

Putin has also noted that the recent trade war between US and China provide opportunity for Russia in entering the Chinese market, by take newly opened specified Chinese markets. The One Belt, One Road initiative has also become important to the alleviation of economic constraints.

Industries like soybeans and aircraft construction are possible areas where Russia could replace US imports. Russia is working to replace US farms and supply China with Soybeans as well as replacing Boeings by delivering different ranges of aircraft.

Russia-China cooperation in the military-technical industry is also an important area for Russia with Sales and technology exchanges.  Putin also called for the development of infrastructure and transport routes, by developing Trans-Siberian railroad and Baikal Amur mainline.


Source: tass.com

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