Putin praises solid ties with China

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, China and Russia’s relationship has been developing in a positive, mutually beneficial direction, thanks to the efforts of both governments.

Putin met with Yang Jiechi, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.

Putin stressed the importance of the bilateral relationship to both countries as well as to the world.

Jiechisays that 2018 marks a milestone for the development of Sino-Russian ties.

Putin and China’s President, Xi Jinping met twice this yearand exchanged guidelines to the direction of future bilateral relations.

The Chinese government plans to work together with Russia to convert the agreements made by the leaders.

Putin said the Russian government will continue to engage in strategic communication with China and closely cooperate on global and regional issues.

“I met President Xi Jinping last month. We exchanged opinions on our bilateral relations and on international issues during the BRICS Summit, and reached important new agreements,” Putin said.

In June, the two leaders met in Beijing during Putin’s state visit to China, during which Jinping described the Sino-Russian comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination as “mature, stable and solid”.

“I look forward to meeting with President Xi again,” Putin added.

Source:China Daily

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