Putin’s popularity tied in massive construction projects in Russia

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin remains widely popular in Russia due to his extensive is infrastructure project that he and his administration has spearheaded. 

The Eastern Siberian town of Tuva has a new bridge which connects it to the regional center of Kyzyl allowing for easier access for medical and food supplies which it had struggled maintaining before the bridge.

Even though critics have called the infrastructure program a waste of money – small towns in outskirts of Russia like Tuva view these types of programs as god sent.

Its measures like this one which keeps President Putin popular, Russia due to its massive length as a country needs just as massive and detailed Infrastructure to connect regions and small towns which are unable to gain access to services that those in urban and cities get with ease.

There are 12 other infrastructure projects that Putin signed off on last in May. Putin has also noted that Infrastructure development is key for the future and prosperity of Russia.


Source: Csmonitor.com

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