Remembering Ahmed Kathrada

Today marks the first anniversary of the death of South African politician and anti-apartheid activist, Ahmed Mohamed ‘Kathy’ Kathrada.

He died on 28 March 2018 at the age of 87, after suffering from complications of a Cerebral Embolism and was buried the next day in Johannesburg in accordance with Islamic rituals.

Kathrada spend most of his life involved in the struggle against Apartheid and other injustices.
Here are the few highlights of his life:

1. He was only 12 years old when he joined the Young Communist League of South Africa. At the age of 17 in 1946, he decided to drop out o school and work full time in the offices of Transvaal Passive Resistance Council.

2. Kathrada became the youngest of the Rivonia Trialists, alongside Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu and Govan Mbeki. The trial continued for four years, from 1957 until March 1961.

3. In 1952, he helped organise the Defiance Campaign against Unjust Laws, and ended up being charged and sentenced to nine months in prison, suspended for two years.

4. At the ANC’s first legal conference in South Africa‚ Kathrada was elected onto its National Executive Committee.

5. In 1994 Kathrada was elected to Parliament and served as then President Mandela’s Parliamentary Counsellor.

Kathrada also holds a Bachelor of Arts and he was voted 46th in the Top 100 Great South Africans in 2004.

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