Report: Cape Town no. 1 city of opportunity in Africa

Cape Town has been recognised as the ‘City of Opportunity in Africa’ by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC). Premier of the Western Cape, Patricia De Lille said on Sunday: “Today [Sunday], I am encouraged to see that Cape Town is recognised as Africa’s opportunity city, but in order for us to stay globally competitive we need to take the city to the next level and create opportunities for all.”

Statistics SA issued survey results that confirmed Cape Town’s standing as the City of Opportunity. The results show that employment in Cape Town grew by 4.8% year after year, making Cape Town the Metro with the lowest unemployment rate.

PWC Africa’s head of cities and urbanization, Jon Williams said: “Cape Town is at a crossroads between African problems and global ambitions. Its future success will depend on its ability to solve longstanding problems at home while keeping up with a rapidly changing world.” Cape Town has for year been faced with a wide gap of inequality and thus it has been a priority for the standing government to close this gap and bring people closer to opportunities.

At the end of the 2017/18 financial year, Cape Town exceeded its housing delivery target by 62%. This has been an attempt to build more settlements in areas close to opportunities. The Premier stated: “If Cape Town wants to remain globally competitive we must bring residents closer to opportunities and be a catalyst for job creation and investment as outlined by the city’s organisational development and transformation plan (ODTP).”

Source: Africa News Agency

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