Russia and China to participate in world’s biggest war games

From 11-15 September, Russia host the world’s biggest military exercises as China, Mongolia and Russia’s militaries join forces for war games called Vostok-2018 (East-2018).

The war games which will see almost 300,000 troops over 1000 military vehicles, two Russian naval fleets and all its airborne units.

Taking place in Russia central and eastern military districts, these exercises come at a time when US sanction have been placed on Russia, and additional  US tariffs placed on China.

Russia’s biggest concern and the reason for these war games, is what it calls NATO’s military buildup on its border with Europe. While NATO says its military buildup is in response to Russia’s aggression in the Ukraine.

The War Games are expected to be the biggest since the Soviet-Era Zapad-81 (west-81) in 1981. The inclusion of China furthers both countries goals of deepening relations in areas.


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