Russia and Eritrea plan on building logistics centre at the port of the East African country

Russia’s efforts to strengthen relations with Eritrea have resulted in the building of a logistics centre at a port in Eritrea. The size, location and deadline for their plans were not disclosed, but Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov highlighted that the developing diplomatic ties are an important milestone for both countries.

The logistic centre is not the first project the countries are working on together. Military, economic and diplomatic plans are also in the pipeline. For Eritrea the strengthening of relations with Russia furthers the goal of opening up the country to foreign investor

The East African country and neighbor, Ethiopia signed a peace deal in July, 2018. Since signing the agreement, Eritrea’s president; Isaias Afwerki has been meeting with gulf leader, African leader and European leaders in order to attract investment and trade.

The Eritrean ports, Massawa and Assab are strategically located along the Red Sea, which could open up opportunities for Eritrea and Ethiopia which is land locked. Even though no details have yet been released on the projects, the opportunity to build trade and business in the region is already being touted as a benefit from the deal.


Source: VOA News

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