Russia announces that it will host a Russia-Africa Union next year

Russia has announced plans to host a Russia-Africa Union in 2019. This replica of other Africa unions is aimed at strengthening ties, similar to the China-Africa forum and the European union- Africa summit.

Russia is working on a paradigm shift with the Africa Union in a bid to reinforce and strengthen existing diplomatic relations and grow the African economy to the levels of China, US, Europe, India, Japan and South Korea. Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov on an official visit to Rwanda, signaled that this forum will arouse more economic collaborations, open up investment opportunities, address regional security issues and improve the relationship between Russia and Africa.

“We discussed Russia’s idea of holding a large African Union business forum with AU member states and Russia to be attended by entrepreneurs and politicians, possibly next year” said Lavrov at a media conference after a meeting in Rwanda, Kgali.

At a separate media conference, the Russian minister further expressed his interest to form ties with Africa. He added that this tie would be of interest and benefit to both parties and that an event of this magnitude needs careful consideration as it will have more than 50 heads of state participating.

(source: Eurasia review)

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