Russia has potential to lead Africa’s energy and infrastructure development – African officials

With the history that Russia has with Africa, assisting African countries in attaining independence and its technological expertise, African officials who attended the Russia Energy acknowledged Russia’s potential in leading Africa’s energy and infrastructure development.

“The Russians should not be timid. Africa is part of Russia and Russia is part of Africa. You guys should be even more aggressive than the Chinese,” said H.E. Gabriel Mbaga Obian Lima, Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea during the Russia-Africa Energy Roundtable on October 3.

Russia seems to be preparing to play a more active role in Africa. During the 10TH BRICS Summit, Russian President, Vladimir Putin said that Russia “light up Africa”.

 “I would especially like to note that Russia is planning to step up its assistance in development of national energy in African states,” Putin said.

During his speech at the Summit hosted by Johannesburg, South Africa the Russian President further mentioned that his country is in talks with Angola, Mozambique and Gabon on oil and gas projects.

Putin concluded with a suggestion of a Russia-Africa Summit.  “I would like to inform you that we are studying the idea of holding a Russia-Africa summit with the participation of heads of African states. This could be preceded by meetings of prominent businessmen, policy experts and public figures. I intend to discuss this with representatives of African countries.”

Source: Africa Oil Power

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