Russia says Taliban have accepted invitation to talks


Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov has confirmed that the Taliban (Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan), has accepted the invitation to attend talks on Afghanistan in Moscow. Lavrov announced on Tuesday that Russia has invited the Taliban to the talks to be held on the 4 September 2018.

Lavrov reaffirmed that Russia’s relations with Taliban is aimed at ensuring the safety of Russian citizens in Afghanistan and also to encourage Taliban to disregard hostilities and communicate with the government.

The Russian foreign ministry also rejected the statement made by Afghanistan ambassador to Moscow, Quayyum Kochai, who says Russia hopes to use the Taliban to combat the Islamic State group. The foreign ministry saluted Afghan governments offer cease fire, and added that Taliban’s rejection was regrettable.

The talks are aimed at diplomacy and for Taliban to take part in the national reconciliation efforts and also a cease fire between Afghan governmental forces and the Taliban.

Source: Times of India

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