Russia and South Africa agree to collaborate in the platinum market

South Africa, Russia trade turnover in the first nine months of 2018 has increased by 26%.

The countries signed an agreement for collaboration in the market of platinum group metals – extraction, processing mineral resources and exploration until 2025.

“Russia and South Africa, possessing rich reserves of mineral resources, have long traditions in the development of the mining industries, as well as a high level of technological knowledge, have the opportunity to promote the growth of the market of platinum group metals through partnership and cooperation,” the document for the meeting said.

“The trade turnover between our countries is quite good. We hope it will reach $1 bln by the end of the year,” says Russia’s Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Dmitry Kobylkin .

The Minister said that South Africa and Russia are working out joint projects in nuclear energy, subsoil use, oil, gas and agriculture.


Source: Tass

Image Source: Mining Zimbabwe 

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