Russian satellite “unconventional” movement sparks anxiety in the US

The U.S security has placed a Russian satellite under surveillance. This is as the Pentagon believes that the satellite may be a new prototype of weapon, or a form of an anti-satellite. The fear comes as a result of US President Donald Trump’s announcement of creating as space force.

The US claims the satellite is behaving and moving in an unconventional manner compared to previous Russian satellites. The Russian satellite under suspicion is the new Kosmos 2521 satellite, according to The satellite could possibly start global economic crisis.

Russia has described the satellite as a space satellite inspector; this is according Yleem Poblete, assistant secretary for arms control, verification and compliance at the US State Department. Poblete said this at a conference on disarmament in Geneva, Switzerland.

The US already has a Space Command under its Air Force division, but the US President and his administration wants to separate the space division from the Air Force. The creation of a new Space Force it is said it will be capable of protecting US and NATO assets in space. The United states Department of Defense is already looking in to the feasibility of adding a new Space Force branch to it military.

The Trump administration has already created several logos for the proposed Space Force and selling merchandise with the logos to fund Trump re-election campaign. The US State Department which advises the president on international affairs has stated that, anti-satellites pose a substantial threat and are very worrying.

They can potentially be used to attack other satellites that provide; internet services, forest fire warning systems, weather forecasting, broadcast and communications services and GPS Satellites, which are vulnerable from the ground, air and a space attack.

Russia and China have been lobbying with the US and the United Nations for a space treaty to prevent any kind of space warfare or the militarization of space, and the United States rejected the proposal in 2014.

At the moment there is only the Outer Space treaty of 1967, which bans the placing of nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in space. The treaty only mention nuclear weapons and WMDs but the testing or placing anti-satellites in space is not prohibited, so long as other satellite are not damaged. 

By Mokgethi Mtezuka’

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