South Africa, China deepen relations

The relations between South Africa and China are growing stronger – rafts of economic and political agreements are testament. The strive to deepen relations have been communicated by the media in past years, 2014 was tagged the year of South Africa in China, the following year dubbed China South Africa. South Africa was promoted to diplomatic status of Strategic Comprehensive Partner by the Chinese government in 2010.  

South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa welcomed the secretary general of China Xi Jinping amid preparations for the 10th BRICS Summit, held from today, the 25th July to Friday, 27 July. The meeting held on Tuesday saw SA president signing an investment agreement of R196 billion with the country’s biggest global trade partners since 2010. Agreements included a revision of Visa requirements between the countries and loans for Eskom and Transnet acquired through Chinese bank.

The three major deals signed by the states men, are a signs of a deepening of relations between the two members of the BRICS bloc. China committed to investing almost half a trillion Rands ($14.7 billion) more in the country. This year marks two decades of the China, South Africa diplomatic ties. Jinping showed expressed his excitement for the new era of relations “friendship” between the countries in a statement before visiting the country.

China has become a major investment partner, stimulating development in the country. South Africa has now become the largest investment partner of China in Africa.



By: Kgothatso Nkanyane

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