South Africa one of the best locations for dinosaur discoveries

A team of archeologists from Johannesburg’s Witwatersrand University have traveled to the farmland of Rosendal in search of dinosaurs or dinosaur fossils; in 2015 a fossil was discovered in the area and is now the main site for further research and other fossils.

The fossil that was found was that of hip bone of new species never seen before, the excavation process took between eight and twelve months and is expected to take just as long in the examining process. The team of archeologists is now expecting to make more discoveries in the Rosendal area.

The specimen found is believed to be a part of the crocodile family, walked South Africa two hundred and fifty to 200 million years ago; they are believed to be the dominant land carnivores the dinosaur named the. In recent years South Africa has become the best location for these types of discoveries.



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