South Africa scraps nuclear expansion for renewable energy

South Africa has scrapped plans to improve supply from nuclear plants in its latest energy blueprint, SA will now tackle renewable source as it reduces reliance on coal.

South Africa’s Energy Minister Jeff Radebe told the media on Monday: “There will be a study to determine if more nuclear is needed after 2030, but until then, there will be no increase in nuclear generation envisaged”.

Former President Jacob Zuma had proposed to build eight new reactors in termination of the country’s dependence on coal; the procurement was to amount to approximately one trillion rand. The nuclear was expected to supply 5 times more electricity as compared to the current nuclear.

Russia led the race of securing the construction contract. Also in the running was China, South Korea, the United States of America and France.

The energy minister said that the country would move from using coal and start generating electricity from renewable source, such as wind and natural gas.


Source: Jakaranda FM

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