South Africa to introduce Kiswahili as a school subject from 2020

The South Africa basic education department will be adding three more subjects to the school curriculum from the year 2020. The subjects Kiswahili, Marine Studies and Computer Coding will become part of the school curriculum, a decision that was approved by the South African Council of Education Ministers.

As reported by, the subjects will be made available to public, private and independent schools. Minister for basic education, Angie Motshekga stated when talking about the addition of Kiswahili as another education language, it has the power to expand to countries that never spoke it and has the power to bring Africans together.

The learning of Kiswahili by South African School kids will help to create social strong bond among fellow Africans from an early age. Kiswahili being an official African Union language could also help decolonizes the Africa and become common language of the African people among the multiple languages spoken on the continent and around the world if widely adapted.

Reports from the state that in terms of Marine studies, the education department will cooperate with Two Oceans Aquarium to develop the curriculum. The Marine Studies subject will include segments of biology, oceanography, environmental sustainability and human interactions with the ocean.

The last subject to be added to the curriculum is computer coding not much detail was revealed to exactly what will be include in the computer coding program. But it’s believed the addition of computer coding is part of the planning in getting South Africa ready for the 4th industrial revolution.

By Mokgethi Mtezuka


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