South Africa to test new road made of plastic

The Kouga municipality in the Eastern Cape will test South Africa’s first plastic road. The municipality is partnering with Scottish company MacRebur and South African engineering experts Jeffery Bay to bring the project to life.

The cost of road construction in the Kouga municipality is more than R500 million even though Kouga is one of the better performing municipalities in the Eastern Cape it still struggles to meet the costs of repairing roads.

This is why MacRebur’s plastic roads are seen as a new innovation which will help in lowering road costs for the region. Plastic roads have many benefits including the enhancement of asphalt, which will reduce maintenance cost, as well as the use of waste plastic will help with environmental issues.

The plastic road will look and act as exactly like a normal asphalt road even the process of making the road won’t change, the only change will be the additive of plastic into the asphalt will in increase the roads lifespan and melting point.

MacRebur will be trailing the plastic road in the Kouga Municipality free of charge as proof of concept. There are still many regulations that need to overcome as well as other competitors that the plastic road will have to out due before the government can commit to full implementation.


By Mokgethi Mtezuka

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