South Africa welcomes the Palestine-Israeli truce

The South African Government welcomes the ceasefire brokered by Egypt between Palestine and Israel following two days of Israel’s aerial attacks on Gaza. This latest flare-up is the worst since the 50-day conflict in 2014.

We call for maximum restraint and express the hope that there will be no renewed escalation in Gaza or in any of the occupied Palestinian Territories. We reiterate our view that there can be no military solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict.

The goodwill displayed by both Parties to the ceasefire is a positive and welcome development that should serve as a catalyst in resuming the long-stalled Middle East Peace Process (MEPP), leading to a Two-State solution with the people of the State of Israel living in peace and harmony with the people of an Independent, Sovereign Palestinian State based on the 4 June 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its Capital.


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