South African government plans to create a Mega City

The Metropolis Annual Meeting will be taking place this week in Gauteng. The aim of the meeting will be to discuss the creation of a mega city consisting of the three biggest metros in Gauteng. The combining of the cities of Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni and Tshwane is estimated to be completed by 2030 and beyond.

This is also part of the South Africa’s National Development Plan vision 2030. Details of the plan include the establishment of new economic hubs, transport networks and the development of industries in different regions.

The first stage of the plan will begin with the extension of the Gautrain services, with 12 new stations in the works that will connect the northern, central, western and eastern parts of the province. The Bus Rapid Transit will also be extended to the townships where there is no coverage.

The second stage of the plan requires the provincial development of a new agricultural opportunities; the expansion of government housing, underdeveloped suburbs and towns; the establishing of a new airport in the West Rand area and the advancing of economic nerve centres in the southern and eastern parts of Gauteng.

The next stage looks at tourism which highlights Magaliesburg and the surrounding areas as a key place for improvement. The end goal of the plan is to have the amalgamation of Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni and Tshwane recognised as a Mega City (similar to that of Toronto and New York), and have Midrand and Centurion become the new financial centre of the province.


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