South African Minister invites investments from India businesses

South African Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Regina Mhaule invited Indian business to invest in SA. Mhaule who was speaking at the Raisana Dialogue which concluded yesterday, at India’s capital, New Delhi. The Minister acknowledged the contribution of Indian companies in the economic development of South Africa. “India has richly contributed to the nations economic development for generations,” said Mhaule.

“ As the people of South Africa sought to overthrow the shackles of oppression brought to bear upon us, India.. was one of the most principled supporters of the struggle against apartheid and racial discrimination,” she said.

Mhaule further reflected on South Africa-India relations – the arrival of the first Indians 150 years ago “richly contributed to the nation’s diversity and economic development for generations”. The relations have grown from strength to strength, President Cyril Ramaphosa’s invitation to be a chief guest India’s Republic Day celebrations later this month, further strengthened the relations.



Source: Times of India

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