South Africa’s commitment to the African development agenda

South Africa’s interaction with the global community is premised on its commitment to creating a better South Africa, in a better Africa, in a better world.

Together with its fellow BRICS members, South Africa advocates for the transformation of systems of global governance, and in so doing, remains open to finding new and inspiring ways to co-operate with global partners via institutions such as BRICS.

So, what does South Africa bring to the table when it engages with its peers at multilateral forums such as BRICS? According to recent findings from the AT Kearney Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Confidence Index, South Africa is ranked the 25th top investment destination by global business audiences.

AT Kearney is a US-based global management consulting firm. The confidence index is an annual survey that tracks the impact of political, economic and regulatory changes on the FDI preferences of the top executives of Global 1 000 companies.

And, in recent months, consultancy firm EY’s (formerly Ernst & Young)  Africa Attractiveness programme – which highlights the emerging patterns in FDI investment in the continent – has indicated that not only does South Africa attract the bulk of FDI destined for the African continent, but it is also, this year, the fifth largest source of FDI in the African economy.

Furthermore, South Africa’s hard and soft infrastructures, its diversified market and the sophistication of its financial and business sectors provide BRICS partners either with a solid foundation for inward investment into our economy, or with the opportunity to use South Africa as a springboard for South operations within the African continent.

Full article in BRICS Journal print Issue 6

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