South Africa’s #FeesMustFall student activist receives international Peace Prize

#FeesMustFall student activist, Fasiha Hassan received an international prize awarded by Norway students.  Hassan received the Student Peace Prize (SPP) on Tuesday and she was hailed for her “nonviolent efforts towards gaining equal access to higher education”.

She is one of the leaders of the #Feesmustfall movement which drew international media attention.

The price initiated in 1999 and is awarded to students or student organisations promoting peace, human rights and democracy.

The selection committee of the SPP said that “even though South Africa has one of the world’s most progressive constitutions, the divisions between white people and black people is propagated by the high levels of economic inequality.”

“As part of her effort to change a system that emphasises white privilege in upper classes, Hassan has proposed concrete economic and structural solutions in meetings with political authorities. After extensive pressure from the student movement, then-president Jacob Zuma announced it 2017 that higher education would be made free in South Africa,” reports Sowetan.

Hassan is a former Wits SRC deputy secretary-general.


Source: Sowetan Live 

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