Russia Railway looking into rebuilding Syria’s rail Infrastructure

Russia Railways is looking to joining the rebuilding of Syria’s rail infrastructure, as well as advance cooperation with Syria.  As long as the environment allows, Russia’s involvement in the rebuild has potential to improve the infrastructure damage in the country.

The Syria civil war has resulted in the major damage of key infrastructure in almost all its cities. Iran is another country which is actively involved in the rebuilding of Syria with 180 different companies engaged in the process.

There are 29 countries and 270 companies from the Americas and Europe were invited to an event with the intention of helping Syria with the rebuilding process of the country. Syria main allies Russia, China Iran and Lebanon also attended this event.



Power charging stations for electric busses to be created in Moscow

On 2 June 2017, at 17:30, in the Hall for signing agreements H2 (Pavillion H), within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Siemens AG and VNIIR JSC (part of the ABS Electro group) signed an agreement on intentions to work together in projects on the creation of charging infrastructure for electric buses in Russia.

The project was initiated by the Department of Transport of Moscow, as well as other Russian regions interested in the introduction of new technologies. It is worth noting that the Moscow authorities implement the corresponding infrastructure solutions for the capital, including the purchase of electric buses.

Siemens AG has a widely-known experience in development and production of different types of power equipment for mass transit system electrification, particularly high-power fast-charging stations for electric buses. The charging time for such stations is 4-10 minutes, while the whole process is carried out through automated pantographs (current collectors). Such infrastructure projects are already implemented in several European cities such as Hamburg, Stockholm, Vienna, Goteborg and Montreal etc. where till present successfully function innovative environmentally friendly mass transit.

VNIIR JSC is well-experienced in development, production, and implementation of wide spectre of power equipment on the Russian market and particularly in Moscow.

Successful experience of operating electric busses shows that implementation and thewide use of innovative environmentally friendly mass transit, allow to achieve high energy efficiency rates, reduce the risk of congestion due to the use of a more mobile mode of transport, and significantly reduce noise and gas pollution by eliminating CO2 emissions and using energy from renewable sources.

Press statement: Roscongress