Hague convention: India backs Russia at chemical weapons meeting

India voted against the UK on Wednesday at a noteworthy session of the meeting of state parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention in The Hague convention of countries, in what can be viewed as backing Russia.  The UK proposed that organisations of prohibition for chemical weapons (OPCW) should be entitled not just to conduct enquiries of whether chemicals weapons have been used, but also to name the responsible governments or groups.

India and 23 other countries voted against the proposition, while 82 members of the OPCW voted in favour of the UK proposal. India was in agreement of generating new mechanisms rather than a unilateral proposition. Russia is already in a hostile position with the UK, over the use of a nerve agent in Salisbury. Russia fiercely countered the move for a unilateral proposition, saying it will turn the OPCW political.

Ambassador and representative of India to the OPCW, Venu Rajamony said: “It is important that the extensive support and universality that the OPCW enjoys is not dissipated as this would undermine the long-standing credibility of the organisation”. Rajamony added that India attaches the highest significance to the organisation and emphasised the significance of solidarity. The need for all members to take decisions with collective consultation was also reiterated.

Source: The economic times



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