Putin’s popularity tied in massive construction projects in Russia

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin remains widely popular in Russia due to his extensive is infrastructure project that he and his administration has spearheaded. 

The Eastern Siberian town of Tuva has a new bridge which connects it to the regional center of Kyzyl allowing for easier access for medical and food supplies which it had struggled maintaining before the bridge.

Even though critics have called the infrastructure program a waste of money – small towns in outskirts of Russia like Tuva view these types of programs as god sent.

Its measures like this one which keeps President Putin popular, Russia due to its massive length as a country needs just as massive and detailed Infrastructure to connect regions and small towns which are unable to gain access to services that those in urban and cities get with ease.

There are 12 other infrastructure projects that Putin signed off on last in May. Putin has also noted that Infrastructure development is key for the future and prosperity of Russia.



Russia has potential to lead Africa’s energy and infrastructure development – African officials

With the history that Russia has with Africa, assisting African countries in attaining independence and its technological expertise, African officials who attended the Russia Energy acknowledged Russia’s potential in leading Africa’s energy and infrastructure development.

“The Russians should not be timid. Africa is part of Russia and Russia is part of Africa. You guys should be even more aggressive than the Chinese,” said H.E. Gabriel Mbaga Obian Lima, Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea during the Russia-Africa Energy Roundtable on October 3.

Russia seems to be preparing to play a more active role in Africa. During the 10TH BRICS Summit, Russian President, Vladimir Putin said that Russia “light up Africa”.

 “I would especially like to note that Russia is planning to step up its assistance in development of national energy in African states,” Putin said.

During his speech at the Summit hosted by Johannesburg, South Africa the Russian President further mentioned that his country is in talks with Angola, Mozambique and Gabon on oil and gas projects.

Putin concluded with a suggestion of a Russia-Africa Summit.  “I would like to inform you that we are studying the idea of holding a Russia-Africa summit with the participation of heads of African states. This could be preceded by meetings of prominent businessmen, policy experts and public figures. I intend to discuss this with representatives of African countries.”

Source: Africa Oil Power

Russia-Egypt meet to boost economic relations and cooperation

Egypt President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi landed in Russia yesterday to meet Russian President, Vladimir Putin for a two-day discussion starting on Tuesday at the Black Sea resort, Sochi.

The meeting is aimed at expanding relations between the  two countries. A draft treat on partnership and strategic cooperation is also expected to be signed by both leaders.

The Egypt-Russia meeting is also aiming to grow economic and trade cooperation and the advancement of a nuclear power plant construction in the Egypt Mediterranean coast by the Russians companies.

Putin and el-Sissi relationship has been growing in recent years are planning to advance their bilateral relations and increase cooperation.



Putin expected to talk military cooperation with India

Russian President, Vladimir Putin will be visiting India in this week. According to Kremlin as reported by Reuters, Putin will be discussing military cooperation. Kremlin did not specify whether the possible sale of S-400 surface air missiles was on the agenda.

Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesperson when questioned if the President will talk the possibility of the S-400, did not comment. Peskov just emphasised that military cooperation was on the agenda. The spokesperson did not provide further details.

Russia said in April it expected to sign a deal with India this year on the sale of the S-400.


Source: Reuters

India and Russia expected to sign an oil field deal

India and Russia are expected to sign an oil deal. The two countries are expected to conclude the deal during their annual summit on 5 October.  The oil field deal is aimed at increasing India’s investments in Russia’s oil fields.

According to Economic Times India’s hydrocarbon firms, which over the past two years have invested in Vankorneft oil field are expected to further invest in Vankor cluster.

The summit will be attended by Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. During the summit, the two leaders are expected to reach a new agreement for more investments in Russia’s oil fields. India’s firms have already invested $1.5 billion in the Russian oil field.


Source: Economic Times