SONA 2019: Highlights of President Ramaphosa opening of Parliament.

President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) for 2019 in Cape Town, yesterday. In his address, he laid out the state goals for years and achievement of the previous year. 

President Cyril opened his speech stating that this should be the year that South Africans build a country where all who live in it are treated equally and enjoy their human rights. Reflecting on the progress made in 2018, he said that many South Africans have heeded the call from the Thuma Mina Campaign, to contribute to the economic development of the country.

He outlined that corruption and the prosecution of corrupt actors will be made a priority and announced the appointing of a new national director of public prosecution, Shamila Batohi who leads the revival of the National Prosecuting Authority(NPA) of South Africa.

When it comes to land reform, Ramaphosa promised that more land will be made available for agriculture, industrial development, and human settlements. This will be done through an accelerated program that will encourage economic output and inclusion. He further announced that government own land will be released to achieve this goal.
In energy security South African national electricity company Eskom is faced with a crisis, which could further the poor performance of the economic, he promised to take bold action to restore Eskom to run effectively and efficiently.

When it comes to education he acknowledged the current student protests going on at tertiary institutions as concerning. He announced That Safe Initiative launched last year almost 700 schools have been provided with safe sanitation facilities with a further 1000 planned to receive sanitation facilities this year.


By: Mokgethi Mtezuka

President Cyril Ramaphosa to lay out state agenda at the SONA 2019

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa will address parliament and the country by laying out the plans, policy, and challenges for 2019. The country’s political leaders will meet on Thursday, at the Parliament buildings in Cape Town for the State of the Nation Adress (SONA).

The national address will mark the opening of parliament for the year and is also expected to be met with disruptions as opposition parties.

It is hoped that the 2019 State of the Nation Adress will outline impactful objectives that the government will achieve. According to the, the economy, high levels of unemployment, challenges facing the health system, land reform, service delivery, and foreign investment are some of the key issues many will be looking at the President to address.

The SONA will be broadcasted on SABC, ENCA, as well live streamed on Parliament YouTube Channels. This 2019 address is important as SA will be having Presidential elections.


By Mokgethi Mtezuka

SA to increase agricultural exports to BRICS nations, says Zuma

During the State of the Nation Address held at Parliament on Thursday 8 February 2017, President Jacob Zuma said that the country will increase its export of agricultural products with BRICS partners over the next few years.

He said the decision follows the agreements reached with the BRICS nations.

“We will implement agreements on the export of pulses, mangos and pork to India. We will also export twenty thousand tons of beef to China per year for a period of 10 years,” said Zuma.

He added that the country would continue to pursue the reform of the international system as the current system undermines the ability of developing countries to contribute and benefit meaningfully.

“Our cooperative partnerships with other regions are bearing fruits. The BRICS New Development Bank has recorded encouraging progress,” he said.

Zuma also welcomed the decision to establish the BRICS Credit Rating Agency taken at the 8th BRICS Summit held in Goa, India in October last year. He said the BRICS Credit Rating Agency would ensure that countries can
assist each other in assessing their own economic paths instead of depending on rating agencies outside of the BRICS block. Earlier this week, Quartz India reported that BRICS nations were forging ahead with the agency as they have started engaging with financial experts about the agency’s model and methodology.

Meanwhile China has revealed that it plans to reform the agricultural sector to improve the lives of people in rural areas by 2020. Shangai Daily reported that the country plans to improve structures in the agricultural sector, promote green production and encourages innovation amongst others.

– Image: BuzzSouthAfrica