Russia Railway looking into rebuilding Syria’s rail Infrastructure

Russia Railways is looking to joining the rebuilding of Syria’s rail infrastructure, as well as advance cooperation with Syria.  As long as the environment allows, Russia’s involvement in the rebuild has potential to improve the infrastructure damage in the country.

The Syria civil war has resulted in the major damage of key infrastructure in almost all its cities. Iran is another country which is actively involved in the rebuilding of Syria with 180 different companies engaged in the process.

There are 29 countries and 270 companies from the Americas and Europe were invited to an event with the intention of helping Syria with the rebuilding process of the country. Syria main allies Russia, China Iran and Lebanon also attended this event.



Israel tells Russia: Assad is safe for now, but Iran must leave Syria

In a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin, that took place yesterday in Russia, Netanyahu informed Putin that Israel will not try and remove Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad from power, but warned against Iran’s presence in Syria.

The meeting took place hours after Israel shot down a Syrian drone that crossed into Israel, Syrian Government forces have moved close to the Israel-Syrian border attacking rebels near the Golan Heights area, leaving Israel paranoid and on alert. The Golan Heights were originally Syrian territory, but were captured by Israel during 1967 war.

Israel is fearful that Iran and Syria Could launch a surprise attack, and so has become very trigger happy launching missiles to any plane, drone or troops crossing or near it border, claiming self-defense.

Israel is hoping to work with Russia to remove Iran from the country, seeing that Russia has assured the Syria government a stable and protected Syria and Bashar Al-Assad will remain in power.